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American Encaustic


American technique uses natural beeswax, a larger proportion of resins and pigments that are designed for high temperatures. Waxes offered for technic are form company R&F, USA. The volume of the wax is higher than usual - 40 ml. In addition, the 80 colors that can be combined with each other.

The wax is usually first melted at a designated containers on hot plates or plate. The medium is applied with a brush made of natural bristles. To allow a maximum compactness of the image, each coating layer is reheated with hot air gun or flamethrower / burner. In this technique, the applied layer - ie layering wax - and in each layer is inserted selected objects so they form a collage. Most common on the surface that is produced, the wood panels.


- It is a complex technique
- An excellent way to further develop the intuitive painting and spontaneous creation
- Exploring further possibilities of creation, especially the creation of collages, paintings plastickejších - Entering into space
- Developing, and experimentation - border crossing - "to boldly go where no men has gone before"