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European encaustic

European encaustic technique use natural beeswax, a bit of a resin and a pigment, that are designed for high temperature. Waxes offered in this technique are from company Encaustic Art, Netherland. The wax volume is 9.5 ml. In addition to the 48 colors that can be combined with each other.
The wax is applied with a heat tool - familiar with encaustic iron or pen. It can also be painted on hot plates or color blow upon using the heat gun. The most common surface on which is formed is encaustic paper.
- Is characterized by its simplicity
- For us it's usually the first contact with encaustic
- An excellent way to start with the development intuitive painting and spontaneous creativity
- Favorite among children for which there is mainly about the game with colors ....
- And adults suddenly realize that they can create, and thus for them encaustic become indispensable for relaxation and escape from the hectic life...